Health and Safety Measures

Our students, staff and guests are always our top priority. We are committed to ensuring personal safety on campus as well as a climate of mental and physical wellbeing.

Campus Parking

Designated parking areas are available for students, employees and guests at our campuses. For questions about parking please contact the Safety Office at 402-826-8669.
Emergency Management

Doane University provides a comprehensive Emergency Management Program (EMP) under the direction of the Public Safety Director. This program is primarily effective due to the diligence of community members and guests who report issues promptly and are proactive in personal safety planning.

» Emergency Guides
» Fire, Gas and Tornado Safety
» Emergency Contacts
» Threat and Behavioral Intervention
» Doane Weapons Policy

Guest Emergency Resources

Guests at Doane University campuses play a supporting role in our community-wide emergency efforts. Guests are encouraged to communicate their needs and concerns to the Public Safety Office.

Event Services Staff - 402.826.6775
Public Safety Office - 402.826.8669

Location and Hours

Crete Campus
Padour Walker
[email protected]
Open 24/7

Lincoln Campus
A campus security officer is on duty during daytime business hours as well as during evening class times.

Omaha Campus
[email protected]
A campus security officer is on duty during evening class times.

Student Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness Center provides a variety of services and resources to ensure the physical health and overall wellbeing of our students.

Advisor and Student

Health & Wellness Center

The Health and Wellness Center is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
  • Health assessments
  • Doctor and dental referrals
  • Counseling services 
  • Routine immunizations
  • Flu vaccines 
  • Allergy shots 
  • Free over-the-counter medication
  • HIV/STD referrals 


student talking to advisor


Meet free and confidentially with our experienced team of counseling professionals who offer a wide variety of services related to mental and emotional health.


Student Wellness Action Team (SWAT)

This team of students is committed to being leaders of student health and wellness on campus by empowering students to lead healthy lifestyles through campus events and workshops.

Nine dimensions of wellness

Tiger Wellness is built on the idea that holistic wellbeing is achieved through the full integration of nine dimensions of wellness. Explore these nine dimensions below.



Emotional Wellness

The ability to identify, accept, express and manage your emotions and effectively cope with life stressors.


Occupational Wellness

To seek professional development in ways that are personally meaningful and engage in work that aligns with core values.


Social Wellness

A socially well person has a strong support network, is empathetic, and builds strong, positive social connections.


Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is taking an open approach to seeking human purpose, life meaning and finding harmony.


Physical Wellness

Improved through healthy eating, regular physical activity, adequate sleep and safe sexual practices.


Financial Wellness

A financially well person can manage a budget, set realistic financial goals and control their spending.


Intellectual Wellness

Values continuous learning, information seeking, critical thinking, and perspective-taking.


Cultural Wellness

The utilization of artistic and cultural experiences to appreciate the surrounding world.


Environmental Wellness

Recognize the relationship between person and nature and endeavor to preserve, protect and improve the environment.